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The bonefish’s range begins in the Bahamas,  extending through Mexico and Central and  South America, plus Pacific Ocean hotspots like Christmas Island and Hawaii. No matter where you encounter them, stalking a tailing bone on a crystalline flat is one of fishing’s greatest thrills .

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Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and Grayling

For action-packed fishing it’s hard to top  central Canada. Big pike tracking a flashing spoon,  crisp walleye fillets at shore lunch,  giant lake trout lured from the depths of a cold, clear lake or the  unique dorsal fin of a grayling all become vibrant memories once we have fished Canadian waters.
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The world of the tarpon is broad. No matter if you want the biggies, 100 plus pounders or prefer diminutive babies under 25 pounds, there’s no denying tarpon are among our greatest gamefish.

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The trout angler has great options, from big Alaskan rainbows and Labrador brook to fertile Western rivers.  Escape our winter in Argentina, Chile or New Zealand. Unquestionably a tantalizing world .
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For the angler who wants to push the envelope: exotic backdrops, abundant wildlife and strong, acrobatic, aggressive gamefish, the tributaries of the Amazon are the perfect spot to chase hefty peacock bass.  Venture a bit further south, into Argentina, and you enter the world of the freshwater dorado, what many consider the strongest freshwater gamefish ever.

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Though widely distributed in the US, the angler craving encounters with trophy size largemouth will do well to head south to Mexican waters for a bragging size fish as well as fast action. Three to six pounders are commonplace in these fisheries plus double digit bass are possible rewards on most any cast.  For trophy smallies, anglers should turn their sights to southern Canadian waters, where waters run cool and clear and the bass plentiful

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Steelhead / Salmon

For anglers who yearn to tangle with a Pacific Salmon, Alaska hosts  five different runs, from a hefty kings to acrobatic silvers.  And if migratory steelhead are your passion,  British Columbia’s pristine rivers beckon.

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